Our events are held at St Johns Church, (RG14 7PY) in the Church Room.

The Church Room at St John’s Church faces Newtown Road and is on the north (town centre) side of the Church building. There is limited parking in the Church car park and on-street parking (free in the evenings) is available on Newtown Road. (Please see below for a map)

The events start at 7.30pm. There is a small charge to cover the cost, which includes coffee and biscuits. Members £FREE / Non-Members £2.50.

All are welcome at the meetings.

AGM. Newbury in 2018

October 11, Thursday 7.30pm Annual general meeting.

The Newbury Society chairman David Peacock reviews the past year; talking about Newbury today, some of its attractions, and the range of challenges it faces.

David Peacock researches, writes and talks on the history of the Newbury area from the Stone Age to the present day. He has written for local newspapers and given talks to a range of clubs and societies. Over many years he has taught evening classes in local history at Newbury College and the University of Reading. His Ph.D. for the University of Reading (2004) investigated Jack of Newbury and the Tudor cloth industry. He was elected the Society’s chairman in 2017.

Newbury’s Parish Church - St Nicolas today

November 8, Thursday 7.30pm

Will Hunter Smart, Rector of St Nicolas Church, will speak on the role of the church in the local community today and its vision for the future.

St Nicolas Church has been at the centre of Newbury for over 900 years. Through the centuries it has undergone many changes. It continues to be an active and outward-looking congregation, which sees itself as having a significant and positive impact in the town.

Will Hunter Smart became team rector for St Nics in 2011, taking over from the Rev. David Stone. Previously he was associate vicar of St. James’ Church, Muswell Hill, in London.