Newbury Timeline

No originality is claimed for this list, which is derived from standard histories of Newbury such as “A Popular History of Newbury”, by Walter Money (1905); “The Story of Newbury”, by R.N. Hadcock and C. Millson (1990); “Newbury History and Guide” by Susan Tolman (1994); “The Story of Newbury”, by Tony Higgott (2001); Dr David Peacock’s PhD thesis on the Newbury cloth industry (2003); and “Newbury in the 1950’s”, by T. Higgott (2004). Also useful are “The Victoria County History for Berkshire” [VCH] (1924); “The Buildings of England: Berkshire”, by Nicholas Pevsner (1975); “The Chartered Freeman”, on the history of Newbury Methodism, by Joan Booker (1990); “The Story of Newbury Racecourse”, by Frank Osgood (1993); the 1900 Ordnance Survey map of Newbury, with a commentary by Tony Higgott; Newbury, “Historic Events 1596-1996”, by Tony Higgott (Newbury Museum); “The Story of Sandleford Priory” (Anon); “History of St John’s Church and Parish, Newbury”, by Robert L. Gibbs (1990); and “The History of Donnington Hospital”, by Cecilia Millson.

I am grateful for additional information supplied by Penelope Lake, Mike James, Gwynneth Bullock, Garry Poulson, Jeremy Holden-Bell, Graham Smith, Dr David Peacock, Duncan Coe, Tony Higgott, Ian Campbell, Brian Burgess, Mary Hepburn, Joyce Paul, Robin Tubb, Adrian Edwards, Gina Houghton,Phil Wood, and Graham Smith

The later dates in the history of buildings and institutions are often listed under their date of construction, rather than subsequently. The listing of several events under one year does not imply that they are causally connected. Dates of kings and queens are regnal years.